Internship Program

In 2013, our President, Paul Amenta, proposed we start an internship program with our local high school, Northwestern and our NHBC member businesses.  Our first year proved very successful and has paved the way for future interns and businesses to work together. 

Students or businesses that would like to be involved in the internship program are encouraged to contact Paul Amenta via email.

Program Objective:

This program is designed to involve the youth and perhaps the young families in the community to discuss the business environment across the Region 7 townships.

Put these students on New Hartford Business Council and arrange for them to attend our monthly board meetings.

The involvement would have students from Regional #7 that are interested in various types of business, i.e., law, journalism, food industry, farming industry, government, etc. The New Hartford Business Council along with the EDC can arrange apprentice programs with various businesses in town.

The Business Council would be looking for the following information from these students:

  • Their impression of the business environment.
  • What they would like to see the business community of today do to make a better environment for tomorrow.
  • What would it take for them to decide to come back to our towns to open a business rather than choosing another location. 

Here are the guidelines for the students and the businesses involved in the program:

Expectations from the Students:

The students would be expected to participate in the business council meetings for each town that is involved. The students would be expected to:

  1. Learn the day to day operation of the business.
  2. Work with the business owner to learn how the business operates.
  3. Learn from the business owner what it takes to make that business function.
  4. What are the laws, rules and regulations each must follow to comply with local and state laws.
  5. Keep notes on the process and prepare a report of what you think is good or bad and where you see changes should be addressed to help improve the business environment.
  6. Perhaps make suggestions to the business owner on how they might increase their business by using today’s social media.
  7. Attend the monthly meeting of the Business Council and make suggestions as to how the business council can do a better job assisting our local businesses.


Expectations from the Business Owners:

  1. Be proactive with the student doing the internship with your business.
  2. Insure that the staff members working with the student are receptive to the interns needs to learn the business.
  3. Business owner will be expected to teach the intern the ropes of what makes your business function and what you, the owner, must deal with on a daily basis to keep the business profitable.
  4. Inform the intern of what you think is good or bad about the environment.
  5. Assist the intern in preparing their final report for the Business Council.
  6. The report should include what the intern thinks of today’s business environment, what they would like to see happen for the business community of today and tomorrow.
  7. A paragraph on whether they would consider opening a business locally, why and if not, why not.