Committees of the NHBC

The NHBC welcomes all of our members to GET INVOLVED. The committees are formed to assist in the guidance and follow through with various goals from the Board of Directors. It is intended to have one member from the Board of Directors head a committee with assistance from the general membership.

Membership Committee - Headed By: Peg Budny

  • Recruit new members
  • Renewal of existing members
  • Send welcome package to new members
  • Send renewal package to renewing members
  • Maintains relations with the members and business community

Communications Committee - Headed by: Donna LaPlante

Hospitality Committee - Headed by Peggy Baker

  • Create a better sense of community by extending a “personal” welcome along with an informational binder and “welcome package” to new business members
  • Send “welcome letters” to new residents with a listing of our members and civic groups
  • Provide an additional “helping hand” for events sponsored by our members and town organizations

Events & Promotions Committee - Headed By: Karen Leonard

  • Plan general membership meeting(s)
  • Plan/Coordinate existing events
  • Create an "assistant" for each event from the Board of Directors and/or general membership in advance to allow for ample time to plan out an event
  • Follow up and improvements for events completed
  • Participate in the Farmer's Market
  • Determine the participation in any other event pertaining to the Town of New Hartford

Website Committee - Headed By: Peg Budny

  • Maintains calendar of events
  • Maintains website's member directory, contact information, business description, business website link
  • List of business to business discounts/free items
  • List of benefits to being a member of NHBC ("what's in it for me")
  • Posts articles and events
  • Information on the scholarship and applications
  • Application for membership

Scholarship Committee - Headed by: Paul Amenta

  • Reviews the scholarship applications
  • Determines the individual to receive the scholarship
  • Presents the scholarship at the annual meeting

Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations Committee - Headed By: John Burdick 

  • Contact newspaper, TV, radio and other media to advise about events, etc.
  • Send courtesy "thank you" note to sponsors of events/promotions, and editors that cover events
  • Send out articles regarding businesses; contacts for PR
  • Create tourism brochure and/or map

Nominating Committee - Headed by: 4 members of the NHBC in good standing, including the immediate past president

  • Handles the nominations for officers of the New Hartford Business Council
  • Notifies NHBC members regarding the nominations